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Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.

Proverbs 21:5

How to Make Money Online

Updated June 2018

Hi, my name is Chris and I am one of the main contributors for the development of this website. It was created as a free means for teaching others the various ways of making money online—the correct way—without any of the trickery or scams that you may find on those other places where they want you to pay for methods that can usually do more harm to your site than good. There are no hidden gimmicks or fees here, only the do’s and don’ts of what you can do to make money online using the appropriate ways that I have learned which actually work. Please don’t expect to become rich overnight, but in time, many people do make a steady income following these methods that have been approved by all major search engines; some even earn a comfortable living solely through online income. So when you’re ready, let’s begin, okay?

One of the most commonly sought answers searched for on the Web is people wanting to know how to use the Internet to make money online. Unfortunately, most of these queries are often met with a clutter of get-rich-quick schemes and other rip-off products designed for people who want to gain wealth quickly while putting in as little effort as possible. Just in case you were wondering: THOSE METHODS DO NOT WORK! If you’ve grown tired of all the gimmicky ads and filtering through the endless garbage trying to find a valid website that will train you properly on how to make money online, then you have finally arrived! There are many different ways to earn a living online, and this site—unlike the others—is dedicated to showing you the various methods that actually do work, and you will be able to decide which ones will best suit you. Also unlike the others, this site is COMPLETELY FREE! How to make money online for free

Starting an Online Business

There are many reasons today why people decide to create a website; earning a living and making money online top those results. Similarly, most people decide to start an online business once they noticed the rising trends in online sales. Since the beginning of the millennium, more and more businesses have migrated to the Internet and those who chose not to follow were simply left in the dark. If you want your business to become successful—no matter what kind of business you have—you need to be where your customers are, and that is online. Learn more on the important aspects of having a personal or business website.Earning income and making money online Starting an online business can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make—one that leads to financial freedom, greater control over your vocation, and quite possibly huge rewards. So, why start a website? How difficult can it be? What do I need to begin? How much does it cost? All of these questions, and more, will be thoroughly covered throughout this site. And don’t worry, you won’t need a college degree or even any previous business experience to get an online business started. Equipped with research and the proper guidance—all of which you will find here—you will be able create your first website, and many, many more! The first one is usually the hardest, and expect to make a few mistakes along the way. This is a normal part of the process. I’ve created several websites and have made some pretty bad mistakes in the past. Thankfully, I have learned from them all and am here to keep you from doing the same! But before we begin, here are some things to consider before taking that first step towards financial independence through online income:



Did you know?

Although many Americans today are led to believe that you need a college degree to become successful in life, here are a few contradictions to that popular belief: Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, is a college dropout. Also on that list:

— Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs

— Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg

— Paul Allen (net worth of $22.5 billion), Microsoft co-founder

— Michael Dell ($18 billion), Dell Computers

— Larry Ellison (worth $17 billion & dropped out of 2 colleges)


         For a more complete list please visit: Here



Is Working for Yourself Worth it?

Let’s take a look at some of the Pros and Cons if you do decide to work for yourself and start up an online business. There are many questions that may cross your mind as you go through the lists that you will need to decide whether the advantages of being your own boss will prevail over the disadvantages.

Pros: The pros of wanting to make money online and becoming self-employed are quite obvious since they’re the reason so many people fire their bosses every day and go into business for themselves. Your reasons for starting an online business may include some of the following, whether you’re wanting to do it full-time as a career or just part-time for supplemental income:

  • You will be making a living doing what you love (or at least what interests you).
  • You’re the one who will be in control of every aspect of your business, from what hours you work, to where, and with whom. You’re the boss! And remember, you will only get out of it what you put into it; you can grow large or stay as small as you want for that personal touch.
  • You may even find a better balance between work and personal life and can even choose to work with family or friends.

free website that teaches you how to make money online

  • You may be able to get things done better and in a shorter amount of time without having to deal with “office politics” or the “red tape” that normally comes from working for another company.
  • You will have the chance to earn more than you would while working for someone else; the money that you have been earning for others will now go to you!
  • You’ll have a much greater job security. That might sound contradictory, but business owners typically have several clients, which will make it less devastating if they lose one of them. Employees, on the other hand, have only one client: their employer.
  • You will be building something that’s solely yours—even if you choose to go into business with a friend or family member—which will give you a great sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Cons: Unfortunately, there’s a flip-side to every coin. Deciding to make money online does have its drawbacks. How badly will these drawbacks, if any, effect you?

  • While getting started, you will more than likely deal with an unsteady income; this is mainly due to a lack of traffic caused by a lack of exposure.
  • You must be a self-starter every single day that you work; if you’re highly self-motivated, then this will not matter to you!
  • You have to do everything yourself (unless you outsource or go into business with a partner). “Everything” can include: designing your website, purchasing the correct software to suit your online business needs, managing the business’ finances, marketing your products and/or services, organizing paperwork, etc. With time and proper planning, this can all be done with minimal costs.
  • You will no longer be entitled to the paid benefits you once got as an employee. These benefits can be very expensive if you choose to get them for yourself. But that can be something you put on the back burner until after you’ve established your online business.
  • In the beginning, you are more likely to overwork and burn out, especially if you are doing all of the work yourself. But with the right planning most of the work will already be done for you, as you will learn from this website.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

– Jim Rohn

Economic Independence

The good news about gaining financial freedom is that most of these disadvantages can be minimized or overcome. The most important thing to remember when your goal is to make money online: It will take time and effort if you want your website to become successful! Sadly, many people who begin a website/online business to make money online tend to give up shortly after for many different reasons: lack of proper planning, loss of interest, poorly developed business plans, etc., and all of their hard work is gone to waste simply because they choose to give up. As long as you are not seeking a get-rich-quick scheme and are willing to put in the time and effort as suggested throughout this free website, there are no limits as to what you can accomplish—even if you’re only wanting to do this as a hobby or alongside any job you may currently have. gain financial freedom by making money onlineSo the question remains: Why are more and more people today seeking an alternative to working for someone else and wanting to make money online?

The U.S. currently has over 125,000 janitors, 87,000 bartenders and 366,000 restaurant servers all with a bachelor’s degrees.

Finding Employment After College

With today’s stagnant economy greatly influenced by a recession, the job market is becoming increasingly saturated with job-seekers fresh out of college. With that in mind, employers are taking advantage and paying much less now for a salary than before—for the lucky few who can actually find work after graduating college. Every year more and more college grads are entering a dwindling labor force vying for the same jobs and the list of openings are not keeping up to supply the needs of the demand, and as a result, many college grads are having to find work outside of their trained field. Now consider the rising costs of tuition and books—along with the end results not being guaranteed—a college education just isn’t as valuable as it once was. And if you were to think about the total cost to repay your student loans on a salary that you’ve had to settle for, it can be quite scary. For example, imagine that you have taken out student loans for a 4-year degree that comes to approximately $45,000 and is to be paid back over a 25-year period. The chart below will sum up your payment plan—you can use any financial aid calculator to see your own results, to adjust the APR or Loan Balance, etc. Please note that this does not reflect any loan or other fees that you may also incur:

Student Loan Payments

Loan Balance: $45,000.00
Adjusted Loan Balance: $45,000.00
Loan Interest Rate: 7.90%
Loan Fees: 0.00%
Loan Term: 25 years
Minimum Payment: $315.00
Enrollment Status: In Repayment
Degree Program: Bachelor’s Degree
Total Years in College: 4 years
Average Debt per Year: $11,250.00
Monthly Loan Payment: $344.34
Number of Payments: 301
Cumulative Payments: $103,303.47
Total Interest Paid: $58,303.47

As the chart above shows, with a minimum monthly payment of $344 towards your student loans, it will be at least 14 years before you are paying on the actual loan and not on the interest—providing you make all of your student loan payments on time and do not default. Your total loan amount that you repay may end up costing you over $100,000 for a $45,000 loan. It’s unfortunate, but most graduates cannot find work in their field and some even return to school to get a second degree, borrowing even more in student loans.

More than 48% of recent U.S. college graduates are underemployed or need additional training to get on a career track.

gain financial independence by earning a living online

Financial Freedom

If you are one of the fortunate ones who are able to further your education without having to worry about the financial aspects of it, then I would highly recommend doing so! But if you’re like the rest who struggle each day to make ends meet and are looking for financial freedom or even extra income, then I hope that you will continue reading further. The purpose of this site is to bring you all of the facts and to help people help themselves to living a better life by learning how to make money online. Financial independence is within your grasp, all you have to do is put your time and effort into it and allow it to work for you. There is much information that will be covered and it is understandable that it may seem overwhelming at times, so be sure to incorporate breaks if you begin to feel stressed or confused. Everything will be explained in full detail with plenty of examples given along the way. There is also a FAQs section to help you get the answers you need if you are still having difficulties.

Only 27 percent of college grads today have a job related to their major.

– The Washington Post

I would also recommend to just step away from your computer at times if you begin feel overcome by what you are learning and go for a short walk, do stretching exercises, or place yourself in a peaceful environment to allow all that you’ve taken in to absorb. This site will be here whenever you are ready to return, so there is no need to rush–that will only arouse more stress! It is also HIGHLY recommended to read through everything first and take plenty of notes in addition to doing some research of your own before putting your plan into action. Try to relax and have fun, this doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience! Everything you need to begin your website can be found right here and it’s completely free. Be sure to take advantage of our forums, too. There you will be able to learn from others, as well as, share your own personal experiences. So when you’re ready, click the button below to begin planning your website and take the first steps towards learning how to make money online!



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